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September 12, 2007



Maybe we should give a list of good main ideas to 1st and 2nd grade teachers and tell them to use these to practice supporting them with details. That might be better than writing to a terrible main idea.
Or... how about going into some classes with a great story (book) that has a powerful main idea and reading it (like Alexander and the terrible, horrible, ...day). Then asking them to brainstorm ways to support it and charting those ideas??? Then maybe ask them to support a main idea of a "wonderful, great, fantastic day." We need to think out of the box when it comes to these youngins coming up...


Writing is my favorite thing to do with my fourth graders, but I am often driven nuts by it. I can tell who had which teachers in the second and third grade. Some of the them write EVERYTHING in sequence form. I have now banned listing in the fourth grade!!!!

Merry Jennifer

Teaching sure does sound difficult. Kudos to you all.

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