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January 19, 2012


merry jennifer

This post warms my heart, Mom. I want you to find yourself again, and this first walk might be the start of that. Baby steps, Mom.

Carrie Suvajdzic

I can't even imagine how hard things have been for you over the past year. I'm so glad to hear you are remembering to take care of yourself along with everyone else in your life. Thank you for sharing.


Bellissima! Journey begins with the first step.


Hawks and walks- learning to embrace the moments and make time for yourself to be "awake, alive and alert" is such a great thing. My best friend is living as caretaker of her mom and recently started her baby steps of trying to regain time for herself and talking with a counselor to help her process all that well of emotion and exhaustion. I quietly applaud her and send her many virtual hugs- I send these to you too.

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